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21st century repairs you can trust

When your frame has been damaged in an accident, it takes specialists to straighten and repair it right. We have the best equipment and trained technicians on the job to make sure your vehicle is safe for driving once again.

Digital frame repairs

- Before printouts

- After printouts

- Precise measurements

- Only shop in town with the service

- Repair work on uniside vehicles

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Manufacturer-recommended repairs

We use only the most up-to-date repair techniques that were used when your car was first built.


With our spot welding technology, you'll have a car that looks like you just drove it off the lot.

More than three decades of repair experience!

Get quality workmanship and perfectionism every day!

See the job for yourself

We offer you documentation that your car was indeed repaired the right way from digital computerized printouts. Even if you can't see what we did on your car, you'll still have proof.

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